Instead of guidance I’m hearing white noise

For a girl who has always trusted her instincts, I am really struggling at the moment.

While trying to get out of my head and listen to my heart, instead of guidance I’m hearing white noise.

There is no this way or that way which feels 100% like the right thing to do. I am trying patiently to wait for the clear picture, but the static feels like it’s taking forever.

Instead of guidance I'm hearing white noise


Being someone who likes to be in control never helps in these situations. Neither does being anxious. But I am both, so I am dealing with things the best way I know how.

Internalising rather than let my three gorgeous critters know what’s going on. Trusting that everything will be okay. Trusting myself to be still until it feels right to make a decision.

Dear guides, if you have checked in on my blog today, please let me know soon. Thank you from a very tired and anxious mumma who is going to spend time with her feet attached to the earth as much as she can today.

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  1. Chelsea says:

    Sending love and strength to you… x

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