The strangest dream

When all the things which are plaguing your conscious and subconscious mind gang up on you while you’re sleeping, it’s quite disconcerting.

Worrying about moving, the bully {there has been a third letter!}, work and the general security of my little family last night evolved into the strangest dream.

One that I woke from at 2am and barely slept again until 5am. One that I keep remembering pieces of today.

the strangest dream

So strange. And for the most part, not very nice.

It could have easily been an episode of Revenge. Or Scandal.

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  1. Bongo says:

    I hope Love Bug gave you lots of cuggles to help you get over that dream.

    1. She slept soundly last night thankfully, but I did get lots of puppy cuggles and an extra squishy cuggle from Love Bug this morning!

  2. dogdaz says:

    Watch what you eat before bed. I find leaving the light on helps after a nightmare. When I was little I had many many. Now I think it was food allergies along with deep thinking.

    1. I’m going to blame deep thinking. The dark chocolate I nibbled on couldn’t have had anything to do with it 😉

  3. Keep your chin up hun. When I was being bullied I somehow ended up surviving on 2 hours sleep a night – it wasn’t good! – if I can do anything to help…

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