Not tasty Tuesday

The point where the only things you can manage to cook are necessary meals. Not exciting ones either.

The point before you pack {let’s call it the pre-packing phase} to move house AGAIN, when you have decided you’re going to be a minimalist – or at least take a giant step in that direction.

The point where you have gone completely through both wardrobes and three of the way too many boxes in the shed.

The point where you’ve thrown away a full wheelie bin of stuff, have donated a couple of garbage bags and have another huge bag ready to donate to a shelter.

The point where every surface of your home is congested with stuff. Stuff to sell. Stuff to donate. Stuff to pack. Stuff to decide about later. And yet, you don’t feel like you’ve scratched the surface.

Not tasty Tuesday

Stuff. Too much stuff. I have made the commitment to not move anything superfluous to our needs right now which means a monster pre-packing job.

Hopefully it will make the packing and unpacking {wherever we end up} much easier! It’s an though adventure, right?

Um, sure, I believe you.


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  1. rumpydog says:

    I feel ya! I thought I had reduced significantly the amount of “stuff” I have, only to find myself now living in a smaller home with some things I really need to get rid of. Why do I cling to these things? I don’t know. But I do know I’m not yet ready to let them go, so I will continue to wade around them for one more day, all the while praying for the day when I can say “so long.”

    1. They’re just ‘things’ right? Why do they seem so hard to let go of? Baby steps!

  2. The upside of moving is the getting rid of the excess stuff. What a great opportunity to pare down. Not easy, but now is better than later. Good luck.

  3. Nomibug says:

    I try to do this every time I move but some how end up with a house overflowing with ‘stuff’ again! Good luck!

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