Through her eyes

Since our first gardenia appeared a week ago, Love Bug has been keeping an extra close eye on my frangipani tree.



A couple of mornings this week we’ve left expecting to see the buds on the tree as open flowers, and on Friday it finally happened. Look closely.

frangipani tree look closely

Oh the joy. The rapture. The giggling with delight.


are they there yet? yay I can see them



The cuddle and happiness that we will be able to pick them off the ground soon and have them in every room of our home.

oh mumma, aren't they lovely?

Oh to see things through her eyes.


A little later in the afternoon she was flapping her arms around and speaking really loudly. I asked her to be a little quieter because I wasn’t feeling great. It seems I am not in fact Super Woman and I am not immune to the tummy bugs of small people; the less we say about me yesterday the better.

But mumma, I’m just SO excited to be home with you and Bella and Beary. I love you moon and back infinity and you’re my best best friend.

I know I am mindful of being in the moment and being grateful for small things {like the fact that Shadow Dog and Velcro Dog didn’t leave my side all day yesterday!} but Love Bug’s reminder yesterday afternoon has made me refocus.



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  1. Poppy can certainly distill things down to what matters most!

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