My favourite labels

I have two favourite labels. No, not fashion labels {although we all know I love Oscar!}. I’m talking about box labels. Packing boxes to be precise.

My mumma, who is an absolute angel, has been helping me pack. Again. For the millionth time. All weekend. What a woman! When people say to me you’re a great mumma I know exactly why this is {well,the good bits at least} – I have the best role model ever.

At one point yesterday I was packing Love Bug’s room {Love Bug was out with one of her friends and their mumma seeing a movie, having milkshakes and playing – yet another mumma I’m grateful to this weekend} and my mumma was packing kitchen things.

I labeled the box I’d just packed and then I laughed. Shouldn’t everyone have a place for hats, handbags, capes & wings in their world?

My two favourite labels

As I added it to the wall of boxes currently lining our hallway, I noticed the label on one of the boxes I’d carried from the kitchen, written in my mumma’s writing: KITCHEN – stuff that mumma doesn’t recognise – for being creative in the kitchen!!!

My two favourite labels

It’s the small things.

When my mumma was finally leaving last night {after dinner of champions – French champagne, margarita pizza and rocket salad}, Love Bug called out to her thanks for looking after my mumma today while I was out.

I couldn’t have said it better myself.



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  1. I love a whole story about sweet mummas. And sweet little girls….

  2. Dalton says:

    Mummas are the best!!

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