Wordless Wednesday {urgent}

It’s our last day on earth … unless you can share us and help try to find a rescue, a foster family or better yet: a real home of our own with someone to love us.

austin patchturbo edward

We’re at Renbury Farm. We have lots of friends in shelters who also need help. There are a couple of gorgeous older friends Hawkesbury Pound who are in particularly dire need today.

There are precious friends like us all over the world. Check in with your local rescue and take some fuzzy love home for the holidays!

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  1. Dionysus Amber says:

    Reblogged this on Pen and Inked ✑ and commented:
    Pls share and help these fogs that so need a home.

  2. I wish I were in a position to help. It breaks my heart. But I have 7 rescued cats and one dog in my house and 6-7 more stray cats outside that we feed and give shelter. I’d give anything to find inside forever homes for these outside cats. I can’t say they’re feral because they’re used to me petting them now. sigh… When will people learn to take care anything…

  3. It’s our last day on earth …very powerful! Keeping everything crossed they get pulled, wish I could do more!

  4. As Linda Arthur… here we have 6 cats living inside home and few others 1/2 pension outside (without saying that we’re in Switzerland)… I feel so terribly sorry and I wish these lovely creatures may find someone to rescue them from death… may my love be with them all. Claudine

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