Tasty Monday


We celebrated Beary’s 6th birthday with six teeny tiny cupcakes. We didn’t bake, because all baking things are packed in boxes. I don’t think anyone noticed.

Love Bug and I shared cupcakes {I eat the icing, she eats the cake – what a team!}. The birthday boy enjoyed his and I don’t think Bella could believe her luck. She’s been on a very strict diet for a few weeks. Look at that smile of anticipation.



Then there are the photos that didn’t work out so well … Bella, you’re doing the party hat wrong. Beary singing along and then refusing to look at me for a photo.IMG_4859.JPG


Love those critters of mine!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Gah! The hat on the side of the head is killing me! So funny!

    1. She had it like that for ages – funny puppy!

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