They know

I feel for Bella and Beary. As soon as the boxes came out, Beary started to get stressed. Out came the Adaptil plug-in, collar and spray for his bandanna.

I knew things had reached peak pup pal stress in our house when Bella {who has moved almost as many times as her mumma!} also decided to be velcro dog. She hasn’t left my side for the past few days and even nudged her snout into the shower yesterday morning.

They know

As she lay on the floor watching me pack the last of the kitchen and clean out the fridge last night, I wished I could explain to them. I’ve been giving them loads of cuddles, brushes, scratchies and extra loves. They will spend the day boarding at our vet while the physical move happens tomorrow, then hopefully the stress will start to drain as they watch me unpack.

They know change is happening. If only they understood it was good change, and that we’re all in it together.

{Not sponsored in any way by Adaptil, but it works for us. Adaptil a spray of Rescue Remedy is the best way to deal with stress without medication.}

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  1. tylersat99 says:

    They get really worried and stressed and I always wish I could help them understand. Good Luck with your move 🙂

  2. Hang in there, B. It’ll be finished soon and will be better than ever!

    Love and licks,

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