2014: Let it go

Beginning with the asteroid that hit our lives in January, 2014 has certainly thrown some challenges my way. Challenges which have no doubt made me stronger, no matter how unwelcome they were. Whatever the reason I had to face those challenges, I’m hoping that the new year will bring much more in the way of peace, happiness, love and security.

I faced this gorgeous scene when I went outside early  morning. Love Bug on the deck dressed in her new Daffy Duck knickers and blue washing up Elsa gloves singing Let it go at the top of her lungs, complete with actions and flinging off her cape and gloves. {Oh if only that meant 2015 would mean no more Frozen! Alas, I think that may be a foolish pipe dream.}

Look at her – embracing the morning and giving it her all, fuzzy loves pottering around in the background.

2014: Let it go

In her book Simple Abundance Sarah Van Breathnach writes:

A new year.

Three hundred and sixty-five beautiful mornings and starlit evenings,
fifty-two promising weeks,
and twelve transformative months
full of possibilities.

I say cheers to that. May your new year be filled with the simple things of friendship, amazement, awe and adventure. With a good dose of fuzzy love thrown in.

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