Tasty Tuesday {farmers market happiness and cauliflower chickpea patties}

Our farmers market wasn’t open for a few weeks over Christmas, but most of our favourite stall holders were back this weekend. Our favourite berry farmer had so much delicious produce that I had to hold back. We are only two girls. We can only eat so much.

We’re making a good dent in this one though. Such a happy summer tray of fruit, sprinkled with raw cashews, raw pistachios and tamari almonds.

farmers market produce

We set out to get some cauliflower to try these Cauliflower Chickpea Patties from Dora Daly’s blog. Oh yeah. Yummo! {Instead of Panko I sub in rice crumbs so they’re gluten free}.

cauliflower chickpea patties

I’m having a moment with anything I can make into a patty – they’re so easy to throw into salad, make burgers have in a wrap … or just snack on when your peckish!

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