Miles of smiles


This handsome guy came up in my news feed and I had two options:

  1. adopt him;
  2. help him find a fabulous new home.

Despite my falling for Miles immediately, I know I can’t have another dog. I am also a pathetic failure as a foster mumma {just ask Beary}. So, helping him find a fabulous new home it is. Miles currently lives in Sydney.

Sadly his family {who love him dearly} need to find him a new home. They have spent a lot of time {a LOT of time} thinking about this and have come to this heartbreaking decision as their life circumstances have changed meaning they can’t be the forever family they had hoped to be. They are committed to finding him a loving home though, so I thought I’d do my best to help.

Miles is a four-year old border collie cross husky. He was the result of an accidental {spay and neuter your pets people!!} pregnancy of a friend’s dog so his family have had him since he was a puppy.

I asked a few questions so we could get to know him a little better.

A fun story about him?
Miles {like most dogs} loves his bones. He takes burying them in secure locations to a new level. If he knows you have seen where his bone is buried he will dig it up, find a new location cover it with his paws and then spend 10 mins using his nose to delicately cover and pat down the spot with soil and leaves – it is brilliant there is no way to know where the bones are, you just know he has moved it when he comes to you wagging his tail with dirt covering his nose!

What do you love most about him?
He LOVES people and will be over the moon when anyone visits, on the couple of occasions a gate was left open or he got out, we were never too worried as he would walk up to every human wagging his tail for a pat until someone stopped to pat him and call us. He never got very far. That and that he looks like a fierce wolf but is really bit of sook who needs lots of TLC.

What is his favourite thing to do?
Run – beside humans, after birds, in circles or chasing imaginary rabbits in the park.

Does he have a favourite treat?
Bones, we are a vegetarian house so when someone is generous with a bone he LOVES it. But otherwise pieces of carrot are a big win.

Is he an indoor or outdoor dog?
Both, he would prefer to be sitting, sleeping and being right next to you with his face in your lap but is also accustomed to sleeping in his kennel (a garden shed) overnight.

Miles – at a glance
Miles is strikingly handsome, receiving compliments every time he is out and about. He charms everyone that knows him with his beautiful, loving, loyal nature.

Miles is an active, high-energy boy, he loves long walks by the beach, or in the park, or anywhere really – just long walks preferably where he can run free off his leash. He is a largish dog who will entertain you for hours of rambunctious play, so best suited for a family with kids old enough to join in.

Miles soccer

Miles sucks at fetch but loves playing soccer with a big ball – one of his favourite games.

Miles is loyal and obedient, he will enjoy staring at his humans lovingly for hours, sitting near them and performing an array of tricks for pats or treats. He will be keen to be in your company as often as possible and be a real part of the family.

He is a charmer; he has stayed with many friends and family, all who compliment him on his good looks, great behavior and high energy.

On parting ways with Miles
We have come to this decision after a year of deliberation, we can no longer provide Miles the accommodation he needs. We are deeply sad to re-home Miles, but are certain we can match the perfect humans with a great dog.

Miles’ vitals
• Siberian Husky/ Border collie, 4 yeas old, black and white male
• Desexed, vaccinated, worm and flea treated
• Basic training {come, sit, wait, drop, shake hands, roll over, heel, out}
• Micro-chipped

Are you ready for Miles of smiles?

Are you ready?

Message me below or reach out on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram or Pinterest if you think Miles might just be your forever friend. Oh, and just so you know: if we’re friends and you adopt Miles, I’m coming around for stacks on cuddles asap!

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  1. mrsskeats says:

    Reblogged this on mrsskeats and commented:
    I have a husky collie cross and she’s one of the most loving, loyal dogs I’ve ever had, and I’ve had many. If you adopt him this boy will be your best friend for sure…

    1. Thank you for reblogging! 🙂

  2. mrsskeats says:

    Have reblogged as I’m always up for rescue/adopt and I have a husky collie female – very similar look and an awesome personality despite being a Romanian street dog for her 1st nine months. This lad has had a stable life so will be excellent I’m sure.

  3. angel says:

    Is the dog toliet trained indoors?

  4. I can’t imagine having to give him away. I really can’t.

  5. What a lovely boy. Good job I am not closer as he would be hard to resist!! Tweeting and sharing him now!!!

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