Best birthday pressie ever

It’s my birthday today. Love Bug made such a big deal of it this morning and we had pressies on my bed. Gifts from my critters and friends near and far and birthday cake for breakfast {with thanks to grandma}. Lots of happy cheering and cuggles – what a fabulous start to the day!


My early birthday present came yesterday though, in the form of a call from our vet: Bella’s tumor is benign. It’s large and in her liver so they’re going to repeat all of the tests in another 12 weeks to make sure it hasn’t grown. The tumor itself isn’t an issue as it is, but if it grows it will have an impact on other things. All together now hip, hip, hooray!

Would you like to do something for me on my birthday? {Is it cheeky to ask for a birthday present? Oh well!} Please share this post about Miles – he’s still in need of a new home and his family only have a couple of weeks to find one for him.

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  1. Happy Birthday! Love the sweet note and the pillows!

  2. maggie0019 says:

    awww, happy birthday! It’s Maggie’s b-day, too (the 28th) – she’s 3 today!

  3. Sage says:

    Happy, happy birthday!! And what wonderful news about Bella. It’s always scary when they get those lumps.

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