The mummy mafia but not as you know it

Love Bug’s kindy friends have brought me a new group of friends too. They are girls I really like and make the whole community spirit feel alive for me. Some of our kids will go to big school together next year, some will go to another school nearby.

We have started hanging out together in the kindy front garden at pick up on Thursdays and Fridays. It started with a couple of the kids climbing the trees in the garden and grew from there. Love Bug campaigns parents as soon as they arrive for their kids to play in the trees before we all head home.

Lots of conversations happen in the garden about kindy, school, family, life, mumma stuff, girlie stuff. Great conversations. Funny conversations. Supportive conversations.

There are often snacks and there are sometimes drinks. Yesterday we chatted over a glass of champagne for my birthday and snacked on tasty morsels made and brought by the mummas while our monkeys swung in trees. The mummy mafia, but not as you know it.

For me, our particular mummy mafia is the one of the highlights of being a mumma who belongs to a fabulous community.

mummy mafia

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