When did you get so tall?

Love Bug has just had her immunisations and health check which all Australian kids have when they turn 4. They nurse and doctor ask a lot of questions of the parent to ascertain if the child is where they need to be and is equipped to head into the school preparation program at daycare {wait, what?}.

They do a standard medical: eyesight, hearing, height, weight, etc. Love Bug is healthy and everything works as it should. She’s still still on the lower quadrant of the height and weight chart, but on the same trajectory she’s been on since she was about 18 months: petite says the doctor.

You can see this when she’s with other kids her age, but when it’s just her she looks so much bigger some days. Like today.

When did you get so tall?

when did you get so tall

Maybe she’s sleeping with her feet in fertiliser?

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