In an instant

Love Bug’s Fairy God Mother got totally into the spirit over the weekend – simultaneously thrilling and terrifying Fairy God Daughter’s friends at her kindy birthday celebration – well, her outfit did at least. Isn’t it spectacular?

FGM and FGD - 25 January 2014

A few hours later FGM was at home, sitting up in bed reading. Her husband and dogs were downstairs. There was a crack and in the next moment a tree had pierced the roof and snapped the bed in half.

FGM Karli must have had her own FGM looking over her, because she is okay. She is battered and bruised and shocked, but she is alive. With no major damage to her {their home is another story entirely}. Had she been laying down, or had her husband been in bed with her, things would have been different.

In an instant. In an instant their home had become a war zone. In an instant her husband thought he’d lost his wife. In an instant the roof came crashing in on the bed. In an instant the tree which pierced the roof directly above her head somehow only managed to really damage her foot.

Thank DOG, heaven, guardian angels or whatever it was that kept her safe. Thank them all and thank them over and over. Thank goodness FGM’s husband is a strong man who was in the room in seconds pulling away the rubble covering her and guiding her to safety. Thankfully we live in a country where we have fabulous emergency services who were at their home quickly to ensure they were safe.

We love you Karli and are so incredibly glad you are okay. You’re way too important to us for you to be anywhere but walking the earth with us. Even if you are wearing wings! x

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  1. What a scary story! I guess fairy godmothers are really magical. And how lucky that they are!!

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