What a mission

Love Bug needed some new sheets for her big girl bed, and we’d seen some cute spotty ones so set off yesterday to buy them. The store had one set left, they were on sale and there was a cute cushion she picked up – for five dollars. Too easy.

Yep, too easy until we got home. I popped the sheets in the washing machine and then took the linen off her bed. At which point I thought we might move her bed around. And her bedside table. And drawers. And tidy up her toys. And. And. And.

Next thing you know, many hours had passed and Love Bug has a new bedroom layout – complete with new linen. What a mission!



Last night she slept without the guard rail on her bed. Despite practicing falling out onto the cushions I’d put on the floor {just in case} before she went to sleep, she slept soundly and right through. No crash landings needed.

In the rearranging, we discovered a definite need for some sort of storage system for errant toys. Oh, and a side table lamp. Maybe we’ll tackle those next month …

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  1. Great results! And with a couple of bargains thrown in for good measure. What a happy place!

    1. Thanks – it definitely feels happy 🙂

  2. jhwilliams70 says:

    Looks great!

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