The pre-date phase

We’re not in Kansas any more Toto.

None of this eyes lock across a crowded room, someone asks if they can buy you a drink, blush your way through a conversation and then respond to their advance by accepting the offer of a first date.

The pre-date phase these days is electronic. And by that I don’t mean there are sparks flying. Although there may be.

I have a date pending. Given our busy lives, it has been a little tricky getting a time locked in, so we’ve been in pre-date phase for a week or so chatting frequently.

The pre-date phase

On paper {or screen} it is all good. We have great banter. He seems kind, witty, empathetic and has a great sense of humour. Apparently, despite his lead-line on the dating site, he is also tall. I know these things don’t matter, but on my wish list it is a nice to have.

The pre-date phase. The time when optimism is at its peak. Enthusiasm is at maximum. Hope is high.

Will the on paper goodness convert to off paper goodness?

Could this be my last first date? {A girl can live in hope!}

Watch this space …

4 Comments Add yours

  1. GAH! So exciting! I’m watching this space like crazy. Fingers crossed for the last first date…. Did I say GAH!?

  2. roboman20000 says:

    I saw the picture and I just had to say that it reminds me of this song by the Smiths-

    1. Maybe that’s where they got the line from? 😊

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