Not only to keep them in

**WARNING: Distressing account of animal cruelty.**

I have a bolt on our back gate. I have always bolted access gates to our garden and our puppy dogs. I have done this not only to keep them in, but to keep others out.

Having dogs who can be vocal at times, I worry that someone with their nose out of joint with the dogs for barking may do something silly like open my gate in the hope that the dogs will escape. When I saw this come up on my Facebook feed, I read it through tears.

Unimaginable pain inflicted on this poor puppy in her own home. Horror for her family {2- and 4-legged}. I can’t imagine the impact on the other dog in the family if it were witness to this cruelty. It is so important to share this story to raise awareness, to spread the word {someone must know something!} and to encourage you to support this family in their grief by writing to the council involved.

There are some lower than low humans in this world and justice must prevail. People can not continue to take animals lives and not pay the penalty.

Below is the story exactly as it appeared in my news feed. It comes with a tissue warning, and a plea to you to take three minutes out of your day to write to Waroona Shire Council Ranger Services to let them know how disappointing their part in this terrible is they have failed Tasha and her family.

Not only to keep them in

Help us get Justice
On Sunday morning the 22nd March in the small town of Waroona our playful and friendly four year old German Shepherd Tasha suffered horrible injuries within the confines of her own backyard, the one place where you would hope your pet was safe. Tasha was found howling in pain laying in a sandy area of our yard unable to move and in shock, unbeknownst to us her two front legs had been shattered into pieces. With the assistance of one of our neighbours we were able to shuffle her onto a blanket to bring her into the house and out of the heat despite causing her great pain. Receiving aid from more of our family members we were able to get her into the car and race her to Baldivis Vet Emergency where she received x-rays and we the devastating news that both her front legs had been broken into several pieces. The severity of the impact described as having your legs compacted and crushed from a car accident, most likely the trauma of a blow from a cricket bat or steel bar.
Previously we had received many visits from the Ranger with complaints about our two German Shepherds barking. We went to various measures to rectify this, using citronella collars, bark collars, training only to realize it was not our dogs barking but another neighbours which we have video footage of. We received and still continue to received abuse and harassment from surrounding neighbours .The shire and council have done nothing.
Immediately we were referred to WAVES specialists in Fremantle where we were quoted $5-10,000 for Tasha’s surgery which would be performed straight the next day. My family waited 3 hours within the wait room scrounging up funds for a $1,500 deposit trying to get Vet pay, Tasha deserved a second chance.
First thing the next morning the Surgeon called us anxiously with bad news that despite his skills Tasha’s injuries were too severe for even him to confidently attempt to fix with steel plates, pins and skews. Being a 45 kg dog on her first attempt to walk the plates and screws may explode under her weight.
Unfortunately on the afternoon of Monday the 23rd March we had to let Tasha go, all the pain and suffering she would have to go through along with months of recovery for a result that did not look optimistic; we couldn’t let her suffer like that . With reports to the Waroona shire and Ranger about Tasha and the suspect circumstances of her injuries, the ongoing abuse, cold heartedness and threats from our neighbours nothing has been done. Tasha did not deserve to be struck down, she was loving, playful and within the confines of her own home. We are now concerned about the welfare and safety of our remaining animals. Please share this post so that the Shire of Waroona steps up and does something about the situation within their town before it causes more heartache and suffering for other pet owners. If the Shire will do nothing I will, and by that I am sharing our story.

R.I.P Tasha 23.03.2015.



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