A disco nap

I’ve written about my Velcro dogs on many occasions. It seems Beary has taken it upon himself to ensure that – with the change in weather – my body temperature remains constant. Constant dog temperature that is.

Wherever I am he is there. I keep waking up with my face in fur. Often I wake in a puppy sandwich. I’m not complaining. No, not at all. If I could be anywhere it would be on my bed with my three critters, all toasty warm and safe.

Love Bug has had a couple of stellar tantrums this weekend. The kind I really need to run and hide from. On top of that the change from daylight savings always throws me and we’d had a pretty busy weekend. A lovely weekend catching up with friends and family, but busy no less.

So I took the opportunity to try for a disco nap {although these days more of a nanna nap!}. I was alone on my bed for about 4.7 seconds. Bella snuggled in at the bottom of my bed, her puppy-soft belly resting on my toes to keep them warm, Beary also started at the end of the bed. Where he lasted all of 60 seconds before beginning the slow creep up the bed.

Legs warm? Check!
Tummy warm? Check!
Chest warm? Check?
Face warm {helps if you cover it with your furs!}? Check!

Good, time to nuzzle down.

Actually maybe I need a pillow for my head?

That’s better mumma!

Now that we’re all toasty and snuggled up, it’s time for Love Bug to come bouncing in and jump on the bed.

Disco nap officially over.



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  1. I’ve never heard of a disco nap! Either way, it didn’t work. What a crew! šŸ™‚

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