Do you wewember?

Love Bug still pronounces the letter r as w.

Wewember. Wemind. Wibbon. You get the idea.

As she lay snuggled in my bed this morning {Why did you come into my bed in the night Bubba? Because I love you so much infinity infinity mumma.} she asked do you wewember the ballewina in the box?

I had to stop for a minute. Ballerina in a box? Um … no. Was there a girl in a pretty dress laying trapped in a box somewhere in our home that I am blissfully unaware of?

You know mumma, she twirls awound.

ballerina in a box

Ah, now I get it! Fleeting visions of ballerinas in coffins leave my mind’s eye and are replaced by musical jewellery boxes, the kind loved by kids all over the world.

Yes Love Bug, I do remember.

I miss mine {the ballerina suffered an injury which ended her twirling career sadly} and I wonder if we can wewember to look in the shops next time we go?

That’s a good idea. You will need to remind me.

I will twy to wewember. And if I don’t wewember but you do, you can wemind me. Can you mumma?

I really should be recording more of these simple daily conversations.

Lest I forget the intonation in the sweet wewembering.

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