Tasty Tuesday {vegetarian Bolognese}

I used to make a-mazing lasagne. Not just good, but seriously delicious. That was many years ago when I ate meat. Since becoming vegetarian I have made really good vegetarian lasagne, but to me there seemed to be something missing.

A couple of weeks ago I noticed Vegie Delights tinned casserole mince in the health food section of the local market. The words tinned and minced together make me want to barf generally, but I reached for the tin to read the list of ingredients, immediately thinking I may be able to make some Bolognese {or even lasagne!}. Then I think maybe not.

I’ve never been a fan of fake meats or vegetarian items dressed up to be something they are not. A lot of them have mushroom as a main ingredient. Given my terrible allergy to all things fungal, they are never an option. This product is free of mushrooms so I think I’ll give it a go. What have I got to lose?

Vegetarian Bolognese

Heat 1 tablespoon oil in heavy based pan, add 1 grated carrot, 1 onion {chopped finely}, 1 tablespoon organic tomato paste, some garlic {long time readers will know I am fairly heavy handed when it comes to garlic}, herbs {I used thyme and basil}, some Massell vegetarian stock {I used chicken because that’s what I had, but will pick up some beef stock when shopping next} and a little water {just enough to not let anything burn}. Stir through until onions become transparent. Add 2 tins of Casserole Mince and 2 tins of organic chopped tomatoes. You can add in a little red wine at this stage. I find it gives the mixture a little something, but feel free to leave it out. Leave to simmer for half an hour or so. Because this isn’t a meat-based dish, it doesn’t need any longer. Taste test then add salt and/or pepper to taste.

Prepare some of your favourite pasta {we had San Remo gluten-free spaghetti, it tastes much better than any of the others we’ve tried}, then mix your Bolognese through and top with some chopped fresh basil and grated parmesan.

Tasty Tuesday {vegetarian bolognese}

Next stop: lasagne.

**This is NOT a sponsored post.**

{The photo in this post is from Google. I was so busy being excited and eating that I forgot to take any pictures!}

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  1. I’m no longer a vegetarian, but veggie lasagna is still one of my favorites. I never feel like anything is missing, maybe because my mom never added meat to her lasagna – just layers of cheese and pasta. I’m curious to see how yours comes out with your new discovery. Good luck.

  2. maggie0019 says:

    I don’t do much fake meat either. I usually throw in a good amount of spinach and a couple of different cheeses.

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