Compromise: the dog’s definition

Check out this definition:

compromise [kom-pruh-mahyz]
noun – a settlement of differences by mutual concessions; an agreement reached by adjustment of conflicting or opposing claims, principles, etc., by reciprocal modification of demands.

Not that there was ever a doubt, but a quick glance above confirms what I’ve suspected all along: dogs can’t read.

If they could, the scene when asking them to schooch off the bed so I can make it would not have played out quite like this. Ignore, ignore, get up, take two tiny steps, groan, flop down again, whine, move once more. SIGH.


The only one compromising here was mumma, needing to be satisfied that the bed was not made with military precision, and that the lumps and bumps where there should be a plane of bedspread will, in all likelihood, be lumpier and bumpier by the time I return home. The throw rugs will also probably be curled in a ball just so for a pup pal to snuggle into.

Given that I was the one compromising, there certainly was a lot of doggy huffing and puffing going on. Followed by huge sighs when they had settled in their final spots having been displaced not once but three times!

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  1. I feel you, Bella and Beary! I hate giving Mom an inch of space. Why does she need a whole inch???

    Love and licks,

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