When she says things that slay me

4:30am, Mumma’s bed
Mumma, I think we need a baby.
But I have a bubba already Love Bug – you.
Yes but our family would really like a baby.

7:45pm, Love Bug’s bed
Mumma, come. I need to tell you something.
What is it Love Bug {assuming sleep-delay tactic!}?
Come give me a cuggle.
{If I have to *smile*}

 Mumma, I wish grandpa could come for a cuggle. I miss him.
{I’m glad it’s dark and my head is buried in her hair.}
I miss him too my love, but he’s in our hearts.
{She lifts up her pj top.}
Here, put your ear on here and you can listen to him in my heart.

i love my grandpa

One Comment Add yours

  1. Rachel B says:

    Oh god she is too sweet for words!

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