Tasty Tuesday {zuppa}

Sydney is being battered by howling winds, ferocious rain – the kind that falls sideways rendering umbrellas entirely useless, and a distinct drop in temperature. Autumn is firmly in residence and it feels as though Winter is nipping on its heels.

One glance out the window at the deluge makes me want to reach for my cardi, a blanket, socks, a good book and a big bowl of soup. Something hearty and filling, that begs for a slice of crusty warm bread to be dipped in.

I am a lover of many types of soup. My mumma makes many varieties to keep your tummy happy: tomato and basil; pumpkin; vegetable {with about 100 times more vegies than the average daily recommended serving and totally delish!}. I love making up a big batch of zuppa and knowing there is always some in the freezer. A cold weather staple, just like my one pot baked risotto.

Being a vegetarian, I’ve been on the lookout for something that tastes like pea and ham soup, minus the piggy. I’d rather he was happy on a farm somewhere than in my soup. Kind of like this little guy. Isn’t he the cutest?

I digress.

This vegan, gluten-free split pea soup just may be the answer to my dreams.

Tasty Tuesday {zuppa}

Full recipe here. Get in ma belly …

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  1. Looks yummy! Chunks of potato and carrot? Mmmmm.

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