Wordless Wednesday {now you see them}

We celebrated Bella’s 10th birthday last night with the pupcakes I posted yesterday. I topped them with special icing – a combination of natural yoghurt and nut paste, then topped Bella and Beary’s with an extra special birthday treat of carob drops.

I would like to say I then captured many perfectly clear photos of the fuzzies {and Love Bug} enjoying their pupcakes. But: pupcakes. And carob. Now you see them …

I think this may be my favourite photo though … the second there were no pupcakes left on the tray, Bella went straight into the kitchen and stood in front of the oven.

But mumma, this is where they were before we ate them.


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  1. The oven is a special place! I’m rolling with you, Bella!

    Love and licks,

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