Park Princesses

Love Bug and I won a competition a few weeks ago to have some professional photos taken – which we did yesterday in the gorgeous grounds of Centennial Park.

When I asked her last week what she’d like to wear she told me we should both wear Princess dresses. Easy for her, but my wardrobe has a distinct lack of frocks a la Princess. A quick shout out to one of the awesome groups of mummas I interact with on Facebook and a mumma-sized Princess skirt was located and borrowed.

These are a few happy snaps {Love Bug took the ones of me!}; I can’t wait to see the professional ones. There was a LOT of twirling so our skirts were dancing!

About bumpyroadtobubba

Mumma to Poppy Grace (born January 2011); forever friend to my furry buddies Bella & Bear; love spending time with family & friends, cooking, reading, writing, design & watching trashy TV (when I find time)! I try to perform one random act of kindness each day & think more people should learn a lesson in unconditional love & acceptance from our 4-legged furry friends. This is my journey to motherhood & beyond - single by chance, mother by choice.
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