I need one. You might too.

I think the hardest thing about being a singe person is the lack of positive, loving touch in your life. There have been many studies about the importance of positive touch. Not just for children, but for everyone.

Obviously I hold Love Bug. A lot. I’m trying – while she’s going through this horrid temperamental phase – to hold her even more; to react with love not my own anger. Most of the time I’m succeeding. Apparently I am only human.

I hold Bella and Beary {again, much has been written of the impact of pets to your emotional and physical wellbeing} and have spoken before of their absolute positive impact in my life, particularly at times when things are tough.

There are times though, like last night when I was losing my fight with insomnia, that a hug from another grown up {who would have much more concept about why I was tossing and turning} would have been very welcome. The times when you would just like to feel that someone has your back. That they are just there for you, to hold you. Even if they can’t do anything to sort out whatever it is that is worrying you.

**big hug**

5 Comments Add yours

  1. alexcellent says:

    I hear you. **big hug back**

  2. Chelsea says:

    I’m hearing you hon…. Been so long for me too 😦 almost 5 years in fact

    1. Extra big hug for you Chels xx

  3. dogdaz says:

    Oh it is hard sometimes to be the adult by yourself. Getting kid and animal hugs helps. :-/

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