It is little wonder this is the week this year that I felt less able to cope with the world. I don’t know why it didn’t dawn on me sooner.

After 29 years you would think I’d be at least prepared for, if still not used to, the sadness that engulfs me around this time.

daddy's girl I love you Daddy and miss you always. 

 Inuit saying 
I’ll look for the brightest star tonight and reach for it. Can you beam some cuddles down for your girls?


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  1. I can’t believe how much Poppy looks like you!

    Those stars always shine down on us! We have to hold them close, always!

    Love you!


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  2. dogdaz says:

    I was a Daddy’s girl. You never get used to it. Stars shine down and he is always watching. Know he is in you and with you always.

  3. kleighann says:

    I miss my dad like crazy too! I think its universal. 18 years was not enough, but I think I’d still miss him this much if I’d had 50 plus years with him. This August will be 10 years he’s been gone.

  4. dealing with the fact I could be about to loose my dad I have no idea how anyone gets through it. Sending a massive hug (even if it is a few months late!)

    1. Sending you big love. It’s awful. There is no way to silver line it. x

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