This may be the cutest drawing ever 

Love Bug knows that families come in all shapes and sizes. Apparently she knows a thing or two about urban families too. 

You know your urban families – those people in your life who you aren’t related to but spend time hanging out with, sharing meals, looking after each other?

Yesterday she came out to me beaming and holding a lovely drawing of a colourful group of people. When I asked who they were she replied they are a very special family 

A quick headcount {and noting there was not a canine among them} told me it wasn’t our immediate family. Curious I asked who they were. 

Mumma, that’s you, me, Jessi, Rachel, Leo, Luke and Max.

That may be the cutest drawing ever. Luke and Max are two of Love Bug’s best friends. Our families spend quite a bit of time together. I think it’s gorgeous that she sees us all together as a very special family.

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  1. Ha! So cute. Urban families are critical and should be recognized for their importance. Meanwhile, she looks pretty pleased with herself. That smile!

  2. Bongo says:

    Sometimes the best families aren’t related by blood. But I really thing Love Bug should do another drawing and add the furry part of her family. She can add me too if she wants.

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