You did good kid – the importance of being proud

As you know, Love Bug’s drawings are coming along in leaps and bounds. Literally. People have legs to leap and bound with now, where before they may have just been faces, or heads with arms.

Last night she was proudly showing me her latest batch of drawings.

a person who is happy watching a volcano
some flowers for mumma
mumma & bubba bus
you and me mumma – we are pretending to be buses and we are smiling

She was sitting at the little table in her bedroom. I was kneeling beside her. I grabbed her hands and turned her to face me. You know what Love Bug? Your drawing is wonderful, but I think in the last couple of weeks it has become A-MAZ-ING {at which point I threw my arms up in the air}.

Her response?

She leapt out of her chair, threw her arms around me. Thank you mumma, I love it too!

It’s important to be proud of our little people, to instil a sense of pride and achievement in them. It’s also important to acknowledge the good parenting moments. That was one of them!

You did good kid.

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  1. That kid did good cause she has an awesome Mumma x

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  2. Both you kids done good… No…. GREAT!

  3. Ina Library says:

    What a sweet, supportive affirmation. Thank you for being one of the good Moms who puts her phone down and shows love to her baby. 🙂 please share more of your adventures! Love this!!

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