But mumma I want to stay here FOREVER

Yesterday Love Bug and I went to a wonderful celebration. It was Pikelet’s belated 2nd Gotcha Day. Pikelet is one very lucky rescue pup whose family are amazing foster carers and open their home to dogs who become world-famous thanks to Pikelet’s Facebook page and Pikelet’s fur-ever mumma’s fabulous photography. Do yourself a favour and go read about Pikelet and click follow while you’re there. I guarantee there will be at least one thing every day to make you smile. You’re welcome.

In addition to being Pikelet’s gotcha day, there were some other guest stars: the Pie Slice Puppies, Papple, PWaff & Remy {formerly Porridge}. You can find out all about those bundles of fuzzy love over at Pikelet’s page.

The afternoon raised funds for Maggie’s Rescue, and was supported by a whole lot of fuzzy loving 2-legged friends, SavourLife {makers of super tasty dog treats who donate 50% of their profits to rescue organisations} and Fuzz Yard {all the cool dogs have FuzzYard accessories}. The pup party was held at a local pub {The Balmain Hotel} and they even had a special cocktail for the afternoon – Pikelet’s Passionfruit Caprioska. Of course I did, it would have been rude not to!

The smell of puppies. The feel of their soft puppy tummies. The loved up gorgeousness of the rest of the Pikelet’s Pack dogs who were there. It was blissful. Again I found myself wondering: why doesn’t everyone looking for a furry friend doesn’t adopt not shop?

I was not surprised when Love Bug said to me at this point: oh mumma, I want to stay here FOREVER!  Needless to say we came home eventually, and were greeted as we always are by our very own rescue and foster fail fuzzy loves.

As Bella lay at my feet last night while I made dinner, I couldn’t help but hope the Pie Slice Puppies find themselves ten years from now as incredibly loved and appreciated as my darling fuzzy soul mate. I fell in love with her photo online when she was their age!

If you’re looking for the most loyal love you’ll ever know, adopt a rescue pet today. If you can’t have one long term, foster one {although you have to beware the foster fail!}. If you can’t do any of those things, maybe give up one coffee each week and donate that money to a rescue.

**This post is not sponsored, but I think it’s super important to share the love for companies who support rescue. Regular readers will know how passionate I am about pet adoption and supporting rescue. Writing about it is one way I try to help spread the message about how PAWESOME rescue pets are.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Puppy-love-overload! Gah!

  2. moylomenterprises says:

    Aww so sweet. My doggie is a rescue too. I also fostered for a while when I had the finances to do so. Visiting those places makes you wanna bring em all home but alas, reality dictates otherwise. Blessing to you and your family for adopting and for the fundraising efforts too 🙂
    Have a great week.

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