Can someone please put us on a reality TV show?

No, I haven’t lost my mind entirely. And no, I have NOT decided to apply for Married at First Sight! I have a couple of projects that need doing. Home projects. I have all of the ideas, but very little in the way of outdoor ability. Or money.

outdoor dreaming

Our garden is looking a little winter worn, and is in desperate need of a refresh as we head into the warmer months. I wouldn’t know a green thumb if I tripped over it. So I figure one of those make-over shows is just what we need! Nothing OTT, because we rent the home we live in … just something a little more user-friendly, with an easy to use grow-it-yourself veggie patch. The kind of garden that spiders and mozzies do not want to visit!

herb garden  vertical herb garden

You all know I’ve got loads of ideas filling up my Pinterest boards, so if anyone’s keen, you can check out my ideas here and here. How adorable is that table? It’s the Murphy Bed of outdoor tables. Love it. I have the PERFECT spot for it on our deck too. Of course, I’d want to paint mine. Maybe something like this? Bonus points if you can make it with one of these in it.outdoor mirrors are FABULOUS

No links to reality TV? Okay then, how about a cute gardener who might like to do it for free? Or in exchange for food. Yes, I did say cute gardener. I should probably have added single too. Good with his hands. Handy with tools. Actually, that’s an almost better idea than the reality TV one – although Beary is so handsome that he should really be famous!

Once the garden is done, I’ve got a little laundry project in mind too. This one I can almost do myself, just need a hand with hanging the dryer and installing a bench…

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  1. Hey,

    I’ve got a outdoor garden veggie patch from mum’s if you’d like it? I can even plant {or argue when they’re not suitable} with you & Pop’s & pals


    Sent from my iPad


    1. I think I’ll try to make one of the vertical pallet ones – should take up less space?! X

  2. You sound like a perfect case for reality TV. And/or a handsome, single handyman type. I like how you’re thinking here…..

  3. tylersat99 says:

    Good luck getting the projects done or finding a cute guy handy with tools, building and what ever else needs doing;)

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