You hold me tight and I will hold you tighter

Love Bug and I were huddled under a light blanket on my bed drawing pictures for the dogs. Because that’s what you do on a Monday afternoon.

We were under the blanket so that Bella and Beary can’t see our special surprise drawings for them.

You hold me tight mumma and I will hold you tighter

At one point, Beary jumped on the bed. Love Bug launched herself at me, snuggled in really close and wrapped her little arms as tightly around me as she could. You hold me tight and I will hold you tighter.

Ten words. Ten. The vision that flashed into my head was of the thousands of parents holding their children for dear life, carrying them from war-torn lands in the hope of a peaceful future.

I held on so tight to my Love Bug – safe, secure and happy on my bed – and sent up a request to our guardian angels to look over those who are not so fortunate. And an extra thanks that we are.

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