Remember Me Thursday

Today is Remember Me Thursday. The day to shine a light on all orphaned pets.

It is a day to light a candle and remember all of those hundreds of thousands of pets who never knew or will ever know what it was like to have a family of their own to love and died in shelters.

If you are considering a pet, Fantasia and Peri are not loving the shelter environment {can you blame them?} and are both urgent and on the kill list at Renbury Farm. They are two of the thousands of animals on kill lists around the country … no matter which country you are in.


Please visit your local shelter if you’re looking for a forever family member with four legs – but remember: they are forever, however long you are lucky enough for that to be. If you can’t adopt, consider becoming a foster parent. Not everyone fails at being a foster parent, just ask Pikelet, whose Ma and Pa are amazing foster parents!

#remembermethursday #lightforpets

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