No, she’s not too big actually

I picked Love Bug up from kindy and on this particular afternoon she ran up to me, as excited as a puppy to see me and lept into my arms.

This is not an odd occurrence. I would estimate she does this 95% of the time.Usually the educators smile and say how lovely it is that we are so happy to see each other.

Until this week. As I cuddled my gorgeous girl and then turned to walk away with her on my hip, one said to me: now mum, isn’t she just a bit too big for you to be carrying?

No, she's not too big actually

I was floored, not at the question, but the look of disdain that accompanied it. No, she’s not too big actually {despite my recurrent back pain!}. My response went something like this.

She’s definitely getting taller – her feet scrape my knees when I carry her now. But I just adore holding her close. There will be too many years she will literally be too big for me to carry her. So I’m holding on to these days, these “carries” and this closeness for as long as I physically can.

At which point, I smiled, cuddled my kid and high-tailed it out of there.

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  1. Amber says:

    YES! Thank you for having a graceful response to such an ignorant question. These days everyone is just looking for a way to make moms feel like they’re doing it wrong, and as a fellow mom who loves to carry her 5 year old, you’re doing it right! Hold them while they can be held! xx

    1. I thought I might have been over-reacting at first, but the look was what I couldn’t get past. xx

  2. Ha! Great answer to a really stupid question.

  3. Tulips says:

    Well said. Good reply. I also love carrying my 4yrs daughter and it feels so amazing holding her close to me.

  4. Gen says:

    I won’t stop holding my girls like that until they’re truly too big. How sad that people find judgement in the most beautiful moments 😦

  5. Love your response, well done you!

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