Congratulations, you’re pregnant. Here’s your daughter’s school uniform.

Congratulations, you’re pregnant.
Here’s your daughter’s school uniform.

Wait, what? Where did the 33 years in between those two statements go? Okay, so it’s 33 dog years and really only five and a bit human years, but surely it should have felt more like dog years and less like 84 seconds?!!

This week we had our last Transition to Kindergarten morning. Among other things it was the morning to buy school uniforms. Yes, I did say that, but it’s worth repeating: SCHOOL UNIFORMS. Of course our whole family were there for this big event in our Love Bug’s life. There was much coordination to ensure we could all be there!

I’m not sure the ladies at the uniform shop are used to whole families being there, taking a million photos and trying to grasp the vision of this little person in front of us wearing a big school uniform. One of the earlier weeks they had suggested we could just buy the uniforms online. Where’s the fun in that? Where’s the adventure? The celebration? BIG school is a BIG deal. It’s a time of BIG excitement, of a BIG new chapter, a BIG gulp and a BIG bite back of tears when I saw my bubba in that BIG uniform.

Congratulations, you're pregnant. Here's your daughter's school uniform.

Seriously, the uniform is enormous on her. It’s a size 4 and she and one of her other little friends could probably fit in it together at this moment in time. After patiently letting us all oooh and aaahh at her {and take a few more photos} in each piece of the uniform, she happily ran off to play with the other incoming kindy kids. While the first day of school will have its own BIG place in our lives, I’ll never forget the first moment I saw her in a school uniform.

At that moment, I remembered the phone call to tell me I was pregnant, I remembered holding her in recovery at the hospital, I remembered her saying gog {dog} and mumma for the first time, and I remembered the smile on her face when she woke up on BIG uniform morning. All in an instant. And now we have a section in her wardrobe for school uniforms.

I’m so proud of my gorgeous girl. We did good so far!

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  1. How on earth is she at that stage all ready? I am in shock just reading about it…. She looks super cute in her uniform!

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