Your dog has Cushing’s Disease

Sorry I’ve been a little quiet. I’ve had a LOT on my mind. Last week I found out that Bella has Cushing’s Disease.


I’m over the shock now and just dealing with the mortality check that news like this delivers. I won’t go into the nitty gritty of Cushing’s. It isn’t curable, but it is treatable. The treatment is pretty expensive and I’m in the process of finding out if our pet insurance will cover any of it.

Please keep my fuzzy soul mate in your thoughts and your chats to guardian angels. Oh, and if you could send me the winning lotto numbers too, that would be pawsome!

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  1. Such a brave, strong girl and a brave strong mumma. Prayers and happy, healing thoughts are coming your way. xoxoxoxo

    Love and licks,

    1. Thanks our lovely friends xx

  2. Cath says:

    Our furry friends are so much a part of our families. Our gorgeous old girl Zali lived with cushion’s disease for the last 5 years. Sadly for my son and I, on Friday our beautiful girl died. She was 5 days short of her 20th birthday. She has been in my son’s life for all of his 12 years, and in mine for her almost 20 years. She tricked us into believing that she would live forever – she soldiered on, chasing magpies in the backyard, tucking into her food, and looking at wildlife documentaries on the TV with her quizzical little expressions. We miss her terribly and we are so grateful to all our friends who acknowledge that she was not merely a pet, but one of the family. I’m sure Zali would love to take on the role of guardian angel for Bella.

    1. I’m so sorry about your Zali. 20 years to some people may seem a lifetime, but it’s not long enough to spend with our family members, is it? Thank you for your offer of her being Bella’s guardian angel. I love the thought of that. So I can picture it, what sort of dog was Zali? x

  3. Oh no! I’m so sorry to hear about Bella. I will keep her in my prayers. Stay strong.

  4. A @ moylomenterprises says:

    Sorry. Hugs

  5. Margaret Beirne says:

    I’€™m SO sorry to hear this news about Bella.

    You can count on my conversations with a host of guardian angels and, if your pet insurance doesn’t cover the treatment, please let me know.

    It’€™s been too long since our last catch-up! Are you free for brunch or lunch or coffee next Saturday?

    And have you heard from your mum in remote Canada?

    Lots of love always,

    Aunty Marg xxxx

  6. maggie0019 says:

    I’m so very sorry. I hope the pet insurance will help cover some of the cost. Sending you a tail wag and a (licks palm) as a comfort to you. Woof!

    1. Thanks – we’ll take all the licks & wags on offer x

  7. What’s cushing’s? Are you all ok? 😘

    Sent from my iPad


  8. She has the best mom in the world and that is enough to provide her with many happy years to come. It may be a disease that you have to monitor for the rest of her life but it isn’t fatal when it’s closely monitored / treated. You have to be observant [especially for any reactions to the medications] and -with your love and faith- she will do fine.
    If I could give you a friendly advice [after a very long fight with an autoimmune my girl had], is double check the medications and maybe try to counteract some of their side-effects with natural supplements or special diet.
    More importantly, the main ingredient for healing is love, and that is already there, so all will be well!
    My thoughts and a big kiss to Bella.

    1. Thank you Marina – I have just started talking to a lovely natural care animal therapist so we will work with the vet closely. If love could fix her she’d live forever! Thanks for your constant support of our little blog 🐾❤️

      1. That sounds great!
        You ALL be well! xx 💐

  9. Becky says:

    My yorkie baby was diagnosed with Cushing’s about 2 years ago. So far, so good. She hasn’t shown any symptoms at all and we haven’t had to use any meds. We just provide fish oil, good food and love. She’s 14 and also has CHF now but just keeps truckin’ on (knock on wood). I think it’s the love so Bella’s good!

    1. Fish oil, food and love? Sorted! Unfortunately a couple of the symptoms have really stepped it up a notch in the past couple of weeks so I think meds will be our next stop. Thankfully I heard from our pet insurer today and they will cover about 75% of the cost so that’s great news! Great to hear about your fuzzy love too. 14 and still going is great. Long life to her! 🙂

      1. Becky says:

        Great news about your pet insurance coverage! Best to Bella, Beary, your new graduate(!wow!) and you. Merry Christmas.

      2. Thank you – to you too 🎄

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