Someone to watch over her

I woke up to a message from a friend on the other side of the world this morning. In short it said that I shouldn’t worry about Love Bug’s future as they would be there for her. Not that there’s anything wrong with me or any specific reason I should be worried, just a comforting note to remind me. Amazing.

Another friend called me a little while ago to say that she could pick her up and look after her one day each week after school. Fantastic.

Love Bug has guardian angels and angels who still walk this earth. I need not ever worry that she has someone to watch over her.

someone to watch over her

There have been other times when I have had a call or message from another of our friends far flung around this planet letting me know that should anything ever happen to me that they would always still stay in touch with Love Bug: so that she knew her mumma’s people as much as to be there for her. I had to have the talk with some of them – those who know a little too much {*winks*} need not necessarily share it all!

Of course our family would look after her every need, but it is very calming for this mumma to know how many people {some of whom have not yet met my little love face to face} love her and think of her.

We are so lucky to have such people of goodness in our lives. Today I am grateful for them.

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  1. dogdaz says:

    You are clearly blessed. Safety nets are great, especially when never needed.

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