Three decades

A lifetime ago my daddy got his wings. 30 years. Three decades. It doesn’t seem possible and yet I feel like I’ve not known another life.

Love Bug and I were talking about her grandpa this morning and she said that she misses him every single day. They would have adored each other I know. This morning she told me that our rainbow was extra lovely today because it stretched from my heart to her heart to grandpa’s heart and back again. That’s a lot of love isn’t it mumma?

mj & daddy - 1973 - working - v3.jpeg

This photo is a work in progress. It is being restored by a lovely woman who reached out on a pay it forward group I belong to asking if anyone had a photo that was really special to them but was showing signs of age. I was so excited when I found out that she could take out everything else from the photo so that it will eventually just be the two of us in the summer sunshine.

I love you daddy. I miss you every single day. Some days with a force that crushes my chest and makes it hard to breathe.

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  1. Margaret Beirne says:

    Thinking of you with much love especially today! Thank you for this beautiful reflection on your beloved daddy. Love you always, Aunty Marg xxxx

  2. Becky says:

    You look so much like your Love Bug in this picture! That’s a lot of rainbow love.

  3. Ok, so I promise I am not a crazy lady (felt I should get that out there first) when I stumbled across your blog it inspired me, it made me see that other woman have babies alone so why couldn’t I. The more I thought about it, the more I was determined and I decided if I have still not met anyone in 5 years time I am going it alone. I had two awesomely supportive parents and thought with my Dad as a male role model my kid was going to be a-ok. 7ish months ago my Dad was diagnosed with terminal cancer a month ago he died. It rocked me to my core, and made me doubt my choice to have a child alone.
    Now seeing that you have done it, without the support of your father has helped renew my determination all over again so thank you

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