Term 3 – are you trying to kill me?

Why didn’t anyone warn me about term 3 of the school year?

Forever {although maybe – hopefully? – only kindergarten} to be known as the Term of crying at the drop of a hat/stomping/answering back/yelling/tired but won’t sleep, too tired to get up/dress myself/get out of the house on time {although only reserved for weekdays; I would welcome this last one on any given Sunday!}/hungry but won’t eat my dinner in less than an hour/get into bed 10 minutes later and be SO STARVING

I could go on, but you get the gist.

For all of the loveliness that this period of Love Bug’s life has brought us, these flip side – nay, dark side antics are killing me. So much that last night I think I actually said these words aloud: Term 3, are you trying to kill me?

Last night was a Monday. An AFD {alcohol free day} generally speaking. And to my credit we all managed to get to bed in one piece and I didn’t crack and open the one and only {very expensive, save for a special occasion} bottle of wine in the house. Although, once there was quiet but heavy sleep breathing emitting from my darling daughter I did think surviving the preceding 3 hours was a special occasion.

At one point during some rant or other, Love Bug paused momentarily and asked where Bella and Beary were. My {very grown up totally responsible adult} response? They are too smart to hang around for this crap – they’ve gone to bed to hide.

Yep, that whoosh you heard was my Mother of the Year nomination floating off in the breeze. I know, I know, to be honest it probably floated off a little earlier in the year, sometime at the end of the first week of January the most likely date.

If only I wasn’t living with a small person who moves about as fast as a Thunderbird walking through molasses, being distracted at each step by heaven knows what! {Kind of like this puppy.}

Term 3 mornings

I’ll leave you with this gorgeous photo of our morning. Hard to not agree that staying at home always looks like the best option!

If only I didn’t have all of those bills to pay…

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  1. Maybe she’s a 13 year old in disguise…..

    1. That is another comment I’ve made in the past couple of weeks!

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