Essential viewing: Before the Flood

I have been waiting for this documentary to be released. Before the Flood is available to watch free of charge here from 30 October until 6 November.

From the National Geographic site:

As newly appointed United Nations Messenger of Peace on Climate Change, Leonardo DiCaprio embarks on the role of a lifetime. Journeying from the remote wastes of Greenland to the burning forests of Sumatra to the halls of the Vatican, DiCaprio explores climate change’s devastating impact on the planet. He uses his unprecedented access to speak with activists, scientists, and world leaders. Delving deep into the causes of the crisis and uncovering potential solutions to it.


I watched it last night. It is terrifying. Sticking our heads in the sand and thinking I can’t make a difference is no longer acceptable. Climate change is real. It will destroy our planet. There is no Plan B for our planet.

We must all take responsibility and do what we can immediately.

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