A Fond Farewell from Rumpy

I am heartbroken all over again today as we wish a safe journey over the Rainbow Bridge to our friend Rumpy, and send much love to Jen and the kitties.

If love could save our furry friends, they’d life forever.

Thanks for sharing your goofy smile and journey with us Rumpster. We’ll miss you and your cookie antics a lot. x

Dogpaddling Through Life

Dear friends,

I have fought the good fight, but I told Jen I amtired and ready to go.

One last smile before I go.
I am sad to say good-bye to Jenand to the kitties- even June Buggie.

And I am sad to say good-bye to you.

But my body is tired, and no amount of sleep or cookies makes me feel better.

So remember me fondly, and know that no matter what, your old pal Rumpy loves ya!


the Cookiesaurus

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  1. Margaret Beirne says:

    Thanks for sharing this with me – I’m so sorry. You are not having an easy time in the world of much-loved pets.
    I haven’t forgotten you, Poppy and Beary – hopefully can catch up with you some time in May.
    Lots of love always,
    Aunty Marg xxxooo

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