We are going to Paris

Love Bug and I are going to Paris in September!

I know, right? We are beyond excited!!

mother daughter paris
While I’d like to think our photos will be this arty, the reality will likely be a little different! {source: google image search}


Our gorgeous friend Jennifer is {dare I say finally?! [*insert wink emoji*]} marrying Mike in October in England and we are looking forward to sharing their lovely day as two-thirds of her bridal party. Given the timing with Love Bug’s school holidays we are taking advantage and spending 6 days and nights in the city before heading to Paris Disneyland {shhhhhhh – this part of the trip is a surprise for Love Bug and I am only just keeping it together and not telling her! OMG OMG I freaking love Disneyland!} then on to England.

We are staying in an apartment in Le Marais and have a list of adventures as long as the Tour Eiffel is high. However, we really don’t want to miss out on any must-see, must-eat {vegan/vegetarian}, you wouldn’t find this if you weren’t a local/hadn’t accidentally stumbled upon it in a previous trip adventures, tours to do, so let us know if there is something you adore about Paris and think we shouldn’t miss. Or things we should avoid!

We are girls who like to walk, explore, eat, look at art, wonder at buildings, shop, ponder and watch the world go by. Oh, and one of us likes a glass of wine or two.

Looking forward to any/all suggestions. Viva la France!

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  1. Safe travels! Have a blast! ….like we need to tell you that! Looking forward to the pictures.

  2. dogdaz says:

    When Peanut turned 16 she wanted to go to Paris and London, so we spent a week in each. It was magical. Enjoy. When she is older you can always say, “we will always have Paris.”

    1. dogdaz says:

      Sadly, food was hard for us being vegan. We ate simply.

      1. I have a long list of vegan places to try – seemingly Paris has changed, thankfully!

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