Six months 

It’s six months today since I held Bella as she left this world. Sometimes it feels only a a few days. Others it feels an eternity. But t’s not last week. It’s not a couple of weeks ago. It’s not a month. Or two. It’s six. And yet my heart remains broken. There are pieces everywhere.

I miss the smell of her paws – the mixture of dirt and warm sunshine. As the weather warms I imagine her finding the sunniest spot in the garden and soaking up the sunshine until she’s almost too warm to touch. 

My mind sees her in her ‘usual’ spots and hears the tap tapping of her wandering up the hallway. 

Her empathy and understanding of our emotions was unexpected. She loved us thoroughly and completely. And we her. We miss you precious pup pal. Ever so much.

Please keep our lovely Beary in your thoughts – he’s going for some tests tomorrow and I need him to be okay.

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