I held my daughter’s hand while she skipped school today

Anyone concerned about the state of the future needed to attend one of the School Strike for Climate rallies today. If you’re in another part of the world {we live in Sydney, Australia} and you know of a local rally happening on Friday 15 March, do yourself a favour!

The passion, determination, camaraderie and sheer will of the young people at the Sydney rally was inspiring and uplifting. As the numbers come in this evening, approximately 150,000 people attended rallies around Australia.

If generational change is possible, these kids will make it happen. As one of the speakers said: The environment is not the price we pay for economic growth. Our planet is not single use. Our generation is angry. Our goals are ambitious but they are 100% achievable.

I held my daughter’s hand while she skipped school today. I sang with her as she joined the 30,000 crowd singing Imagine. I watched as she smiled when people asked to take a photo of the poster she’d made. Wedged in between her grandma and me, I could not have been more proud of her.

Being out of school today will teach her that she can stand up for things she believes in and have her voice heard, no matter how small she is.

Being with her shows her that I support her desire for justice – for our planet and those we share it with.

Today was amazing.

But is up to us to act now. To support our children in their fight. To demand change of our governments and businesses. Each and every one of us is responsible. It is not ‘up to someone else’ to fix this problem.

Climate change is our problem. We are living it now, it’s no longer a future threat. It is a problem that we all need to take drastic action to fix.

You can do something to help stem the tide and you should. If you don’t you are being completely irresponsible. Cut your meat and dairy consumption. It will make a difference.

{Heck, try being vegan. It’s actually so much easier today than ever before. If you want tips, ask me. I’m more than happy to share.}

Think about your actions. Consider the consequences of your choices. Our children deserve better. Our planet deserves better.

I want my Love Bug to grow up in a world that is not at war over food and water. I want her to look forward to her future, not fear it.


Listen to Cookie Monster. If a Muppet understands it, so should our government!

An utterly tragic end to a day that started filled with hope alongside 25,000 young people fighting for a better future. So sad for people of New Zealand, the families and friends of the victims of yet another senseless act of hatred and violence.

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