Two years since I breathed you in

I can’t believe today marks two years since I breathed you in my precious Bella. If I close my eyes, I can still feel the soft spot on the top of your head between your velvet ears. If only I’d been able to bottle breathing you in.

I have been so sad in the past week with each memory that comes flooding in, that short space of time between finding out your tumour was cancerous and losing you. I’ve felt those days as sharply as I did two years ago.

You really were the best of friends and the goodest of dogs. I’m sure you’ve visited the newest addition to our family and shared with him some tricks because there are times when he acts just like you used to. There are days when I look into Beary’s eyes and it’s as if we are both thinking of you, remembering when we were together.

Love Bug still misses you terribly. A couple of nights ago I checked on her just before I went to bed and she was asleep holding your photo. I promise her over and over that she will never forget you and that you’ll always be in her heart.

She asked me with great concern about what would happen to your memory if she ever needed to get a new heart. It was all I could do to keep the flood of tears in after that question, but I assured her there are memories and love that take over your whole body, not just your heart and that you, lovely Bella, were a whole of body kind of love.

I’ll think of you today, as I do so many times every day. I’ll miss you today, as I do all day every day. I’ll love you today, as I will for always.


bella the wonderpup
Tissue warning: the video attached to this photo may make you cry. I think it’s worth it though, every single time I watch it.



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