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If we’re friends, or you just know me from my blog or my socials, you’ll know I’m vegan and I’m very bloody worried about the climate, what we’re doing to the planet and the future we are leaving our children/grandchildren, nieces and nephews/children of our friends {by looking at it that way, we’re including everyone – not just those of us who are parents!}.

The simplest and most immediate thing we can do as individuals to have an effect on climate change {which, to be honest, can feel insanely overwhelming most days!} is to stop eating animals and animal products.

No Meat May sets the challenge to each of us to go a month without meat. This is easy in our home because I’ve been vegan for almost 4 years and vegetarian for about 5 before that. A lot of people I know, however, wonder what on earth they will eat if they aren’t eating meat and dairy. So I decided to share 1 recipe every day for the month.

delicious side dishes

Playing catch up after a lovely, busy weekend, I realised that I have a bunch of delicious side dishes saved. Some are on high rotation, some new to my repertoire. Recipes 25, 26 and 27 should get your taste buds over the Monday blues!

I have just discovered that one of my blogging buddies {I’ve been following the adventures of her zoo since the early days of bumpyroadtobubba} has also been writing a recipe blog – this tasty roasted maple acorn squash is from Lorian’s Kitchen.

25 of 31 roasted maple acorn squash

Who doesn’t love a dip? If you put your hand up, we may need to have a chat! Either that, or you could just try this creamy vegan spinach dip from Educating Earthlings, and then let me know if you still feel the same way 😉

26 of 31 creamy vegan spinach dip

I know there are people out there who don’t really like carrots {Little Sister, I’m looking at you!} but if you fall into that category, please do me a favour: give Bugs Bunny’s favourite snack a second chance … roast it! I’ve written before about the delight of roasting vegetables and the sweeter flavour you get from them. These whole roasted carrots with maple tahini from Catching Seeds will give you that in spades!  With the added bonus of pomegranate. Oh yeah!

27 of 31 whole roasted carrots with maple tahini

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Don’t forget to take a photo and tag me {insta @bumpyroadtobubba} if you’re playing along! #veganmjnomeatmay #mj25of31 #mj26of31 #mj27of31 #nomeatmay #31recipes #veganfortheplanet #vegafortheanimals #veganforthekids #veganforthefuture #easyrecipes #tasty #doitfortheplanet #doitfortheanimals #doitforthekids #actNOWforfuture #challenge #youcandoit

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  1. Thanks for the mention. Your stuff looks yummy. Lorian of DogDaz Zoo and LoriansKitchen

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