Bubba, meet your fuzzy siblings

Not all bubbas are lucky enough to have two divine big puppy dogs to come home to. But then again, she’s not all bubbas!

I’ve read extensively about introducing a bubba to the furry family. We’ve had the DVD that plays baby noises, they’ve been involved in all aspects of putting her nursery together (Beary is a particularly good site foreman!), and I sent home clothes (mine and her’s) from the hospital with my mum so they get used to her smell and my slightly hormone-altered smell. They have been spoilt rotten having their grandma stay with them while I was in hospital. When we arrive home, I’ll go in first and greet them, then my sister will bring Bubba in (as if bringing us a gift). That’s the plan.

(A note here: my sister did an awesome job of driving us home from the hospital on a drizzly, overcast, warm January day in very ordinary traffic).

So, the plan goes kinda like this: I go in first to greet the mutts … I think I missed them as much as they missed me. Bella bought me her favourite toy as a welcome home offering. Bless.

Then we bring Bubba in to meet them …

Beary is a little more curious than Bella …

It’s good to have a plan. When it works!

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  1. Bassas Blog says:

    Lovely post and very lovely pictures. Hope all goes well.

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