Fuzzy concern

Bella and Bear instantly took Bubba in as one of our pack. They are full of curiosity for this small person and show great concern when she cries. Particularly if I take more than 10 seconds to respond – then I get the look, or the nudge!

Having survived our first night at home (with grandma in residence just in case we needed her), we woke to a hot, sunny day. I was desperate for some vitamin D so put bubba in the pram to go for a walk. Bear looked a little worried that I’d put her in that big contraption.

She’s really little mumma, are you sure you should be taking her out in that enormous pram?

Once she was securely tucked in and shaded, off we went. It wasn’t a big walk, but it was exactly what I needed. It was also nice how many people told me how fabulous I looked (they obviously could not see that I was channelling Louis Vuitton in the luggage I was carrying under my eyes) and how gorgeous Bubba is (which, in my very biased opinion, is obviously true).

But the best part of our walk, was the greeting at the front door when we got home.

We’re so glad you came back and brought our little sister with you!

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