Playing catch up (aka Awards Season – Part 2)

The busyness of Christmas has left me a little behind in some thank you’s and some paying it forward of awards, so here goes.

It probably doesn’t need to be pointed out to most of you, but I do seem to surround myself with fuzzy love. Where would we be without our beautiful 4-legged friends? I am so grateful for those I know in person, and those I know via this wonderful world of blogging.

Thank you so much to Chuck and the Collies over at Collies of the Meadow for our extra special Collies Choice Award! I just love sharing the adventures of the Collies – not to mention the gorgeous photos of them!

The Collies introduced me to another of my favourite blogs – mentioned below as a Liebster nominee.

I was lucky enough to have been awarded a 2nd Liebster Blog Award (Liebster meaning Dearest) from my gorgeous furry friends at Misty Shores Chesapeakes I think I found their blog while reading the lovely Bassa’s blog. (My first Liebster was from Bassa – via the Tall Person – I am very lucky because they also gave me a Kreativ Blogger Award

But enough about me and my awards (although I am very grateful for them) … I would like to nominate the following bloggers the Liebster Blog Award!!

I found Sage Chronicles via the Collies Sage is a beautiful rescue dog (yay!!) who looks like she could be related to my Bella and Beary. Her adventures (along with Toby, Mom, Dad and the Kitties) are fun to read about – Sage is a puppy who looks like she’s embraced the good life of a fur-ever home & family. Oh, and they also have a bubba in their family who is called Poppy – so they must be wonderful 🙂

Another blogger whose stories I’m loving – and I’m sure you will too – is (another gorgeous adopted pet – whose real name remains anonymous so as to not upset his new Manhattan friends with his internet fame – love it)! This cute pooch is adapting to life in the big city. I relate to these stories because of my own beautiful furry nephew Barker – seen in this photo giving me cuddles in Chicago when we first met. Barker (along with my sister and brother-in-law) moved from Chicago to Manhattan before finally coming home to Sydney, Australia. I think Barker and I may have even hung out at some of the same Manhattan dog parks as Uptown Dog now visits!

Like a lot of people, I’ve discovered Pinterest and have lost hours to it. The final blogger I’d like to introduce you to today is a wife and mumma of two who has set herself a year long challenge: to find something that interests her on Pinterest and attempt her own take on it – craft, baking, fashion, or whatever else she finds. She’s only just started the journey and I’m really enjoying it. I’m sure you will too!

Congratulations to these blogs – I hope lots more people stop by for a visit and come back for more!

I can’t sign off today without giving special mention to two fabulous blogs: to Rumpy & June Buggie, thank you for being voices for the voiceless; and to Moxie & the Berner girls for putting my link on their home page If you haven’t met them yet – hurry and do so!! (I awarded them both Liebster Awards here

ps – I really need to figure out how to fix up my page so that it shows my awards and I can put links to my favourite blogs on the front page. If only I had the time to figure that out! Maybe the page-fixing fairy can come do it while I take a nap?

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Bongo says:

    Congratulations on your awards and to all the deserving blogs that you passed the awards on to.

  2. Bassas Blog says:

    Congratulations – you deserve many more awards for your very beautiful blog. Wishing you and Poppy Grace and Bella and Bear a very happy New Year xx

  3. Uptown Dog says:

    Congratulations on all your awards! I am thrilled that you nominated me for a Liebster Blog award. That is pretty cool that your sister, brother-in-law and their pup used to live in NYC. My Mom is from Chicago and her parents (my grandparents) live there, so we visit a lot. Sounds like Barker and I have a lot in common, even though we live far apart!

  4. sage says:

    I, too, congratulate you on all your awards and I’m so very honored that you thought of us for the Liebster Award. Thank you very much. It’s very cool that we both have Poppys in our lives–and both so close in age. Mine lives in San Francisco, not terribly far from Portland, and we’ll be visiting her in just a few weeks. The beauty of Skype is that we can see her a few times a week.

  5. Congratulations! I know some of your picks and they are great, so I can’t wait to check out the ones I haven’t visited before.

  6. Your blog will soon be full of awards for it is a beautifully written blog that we love to read everyday! Keep up the great work!

    God Bless You!

    Chuck and the Collies 🙂

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